Art at the Zoo…

Was it really my birthday that I posted last? EEP! I’d understand if you all thought I’d disappeared into the void. I haven’t. I’ve just been a mess.

Friday, instead of posting here, I went to the NC zoo in Asheboro, North Carolina. Ostensibly to draw, but I realized when I got there that Friday is field trip day – too many kids to get myself a good spot near most of the exhibits, and so I ended up mostly taking reference shots with my camera, though I did find a bench close enough to draw a page and a half of flamingos.

But I have to share this. Outside of one of the North America exhibits is a wall. On this wall is a tile mosaic. But it’s really not just any tile mosaic… it MOVES when you walk by it. I was afraid that it wouldn’t show in a video, but it did. So here it is:

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