The Fruits of Being Sick

The first results - vintage pastorals
The first results - vintage pastorals

Over the last few weeks I’ve had a horrendous ear infection – it’s kept me away from anything remotely resembling counted work – which meant, no model stitching on current projects.

It didn’t’ stop me from stitching, though, and I got the following embroidery projects completed, along with about 4 thread crochet doilies – yes, I know, those require counting, but it’s a lot easier to rip back crochet work than cross stitch!

As usual, click on the pictures to see them larger (and in their entirety!).

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    • Oh, that’s easy. I couldn’t think straight. Know how toddlers scream when they have one? For at least one week of it I was on the verge of the same. It felt like there was a little guy inside my ear poking ice picks through my eardrum. Somehow I could focus on embroidery, but not if I had to count. I think stem stitch is just more meditative for me. 🙂

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