It’s been a sad week.

DaisyChain SamplerI know, it’s only Monday. The week in question was last week. It built up pain, and then ended on a sad note for me. It shoved my brain into a tailspin. I’ve got two friends right now going through some really nasty health issues. And then I found out that my fantastic model stitcher had passed away last month. Very very sad.

So I wasn’t in much shape to concentrate on anything in the way of stitching – especially things I have to think about, like cross stitch counting, or figuring out what stitch to put where or what color to put where in one of my own crewel designs. So I started DaisyChain ABCs by Posie, which also counts as a Monday Treasure! I fell in love with the pattern and ordered it when I saw it on the Spinster Stitcher’s blog.  She’s currently working on Needle Delight’s Aquamarine, and I’m fighting the urge to go buy a copy and start it, too, because it’s just so…. so… watery! (I’m winning this particular fight because it’s counted… and I’ve got counted projects galore right now!)

Because I just cannot do anything the way a pattern tells me to, I’m using the back of one of the EO’s dead dress shirts as the fabric – I love the color.  And since I don’t particularly like Appleton crewel wool because it’s so fuzzy, I replaced it with Renaissance Dying wool that I ordered from Hedgehog Handworks. Don’t go to that link — you’ll want everything on the site! (Don’t say you weren’t warned!) Otherwise I stuck with the colors specified, and the stitches specified. The only thing I’d do differently is use a slightly darker shade of blue – the blue in the “C” is very pale, and looks almost like the white in the “D” next to it.  And now that I’ve spent the weekend goofing off, I’m feeling much more coherent, and I’m back to stitching. The big blue thing now has a name – it’s “Chelsea” after my late model stitcher (she stitched the Alhambra model for me… I’m going to miss her). And I’m happy to be working on the Elisabetta sampler again. (Details of her, soon.)

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