A Finish Unrelated to Golden Circle!

ABCDeco Cross Stitch
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I finished the ABC Deco piece from Broderie.net last week. Even though I actually started it in January (bad Romilly), I’m claiming it as a success in my goal to clear out (preferably by finishing) all of the WIPs that aren’t my designs! I’ve been a bit obsessive about this one, working on it in the early mornings before I go upstairs to the studio. Since I didn’t have a floor frame for it, I used the sewing method, and I have the holes in my middle finger on the right hand where I push the needle to prove it. I only added the thimble after I kept hitting the hole! Again, bad Romilly.

If I can get this obsessive about some of the other work in my box, I’ll have it cleaned out in no time!

And if I can get this obsessive about Tramatina, I’ll have a huge sampler chart available for all of you sometime this year – or at least by next year’s Nashville show!

In the meantime, my model stitcher is working on a square/pillow design from some of the motifs found in Tramatina.

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