Elmows Return Next Week!

Old Elmows

Next week, on March 7, Elmows will return with their new format.

They will still be available weekly. But at the beginning of the month you will have the option of buying the entire package of 5 Elmows. (Four for the month, plus one bonus design) for the low low price (heehee I’ve always wanted to say that!) of $2.99.

Individually, they will be 99 cents each.

Each month will be available for the month they are offered and the month after. So March Elmows will be available for download until April 30, April Elmows until May 31, and so on.

The Design packs of Elmows will then be made available to shops and on my sites (web and Etsy) for the retail price of $5.99 a package, paper copies only.  (So it behooves you to buy the digital download as they are released if you want them!)

In addition, old Elmows will be removed from download Tuesday, March 6. So you have one week to pick up any of the last 12 old ones. (previous Elmows have already been rotated out…)

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