Monday Treasure – Elmsley Rose

Elmsley Rose - Sampler

I don’t think she knows I’m about to do this, because I think she lost my request in a stack of spam in her email box! ;P But her new blog has a “borrowing” permission note on it, so I’m taking her up on it.

I first found Elmsley Rose when she began the historical embroidery sampler displayed above. Despite her claims to be just beginning in embroidery, her work was clean, well-designed, and gorgeous! It’s only gotten better.


It turns out that she started out in medieval illumination and calligraphy, which is my background, too, so we have that in common as well. Might be why I like watching her stitching so much!

She’s in the process of revamping her blog site right now, but it’s still well-worth a look. And well worth following as it develops.

The main site is at The photos link to the original post categories.


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