Monday Treasure – Opus Anglicanum

OpusAnglicanum's Antependium
One panel from her Antependium Project

No, not actually “English Work,” although Tanya does some of it, and she is English! 🙂

Tanya is an historical reenactor (from many time periods) a costumer, and an embroideress extraordinaire! Her blog details her many projects, which she completes with a speed that astounds me!

Right now I’m fascinated by her large antependium project. It is absolutely beautiful, and I can’t imagine finishing something like this in my lifetime, let alone all the costumes, cushions, and other embroidery projects she seems to be doing at the same time!

Go see the blog. But expect to get sucked in and lose a few hours reading back posts and looking at all the pretty eye candy. You might want to make a cup of tea before you go. 🙂


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