New Elmows Here!

March is for Art Nouveau inspired florals. (And a bonus cat!) The package is available today for $2.99. If you only want one of the designs, with the exception of the cat & houseplants, they will be made available one a week through the end of March, and remain available until April 30.  Today is the package deal and Week One.

The package:



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Week One Design:



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Note: Elmows are distributed as a pdf file. If you don’t have it on your computer, you can get the free Adobe PDF Reader here. This creates a nice clean chart or pattern that you can print on your printer (and size up or down using a copy machine, or even work from the monitor, if you want.

What ARE these things? What can I do with them and is it safe to buy them from you?

If something goes wonky, PLEASE email or call me
(919-249-8698, 9-5 ET). I want you to be happy!

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