TAST – Week 11 – Whipped Wheel


Week 11! Whipped wheels. I actually love this stitch. I went for a more abstract version on this, and while I like it all right in this orientation I think if I framed it I’d rotate it to the right 1/4 turn. 😉

I learned a bit. 1. If you’re going to put them in a design, either use removable ink for the circles, or draw the spokes and not the outer edge, especially for larger rings – I tend to forget that larger makes them more octagonal, and it was hard to cover the permanent ink.

I played more with placement and being able to overlap with these, including adding beads to the spokes before whipping, and to the whipping thread as I went. All in all, they are very different looks, and I think I prefer the “put it on the spokes” method.

Click the images for more detail! The texture is great, and lends itself to photography from different angles very well, even if it did capture my added cat hair specialty fiber perfectly!

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  1. some lovely examples here. i especially like the one with the metallic coiled center.
    i have a link from my blog to yours so that others can see this beautiful work.


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