Two things today…

1. TAST is late, but finished! 🙂 (hard to stitch or stay on schedule when husband is sick for a whole week!

Week 10 - running stitchYes, it IS all running stitch, despite appearances. As usual, click on the photos to see more detail.

The stem is double running stitch and pattern darning at the hip.

The side petals are double running stitch with running stitch forming seeding inside.


The purple-blue long petals are whipped running stitch.

The turquoise long petals and darker blue center petals are done in a running stitch that has been whipped as though I were making a pekinese stitch: whipped in loops over two stitches. It’s more oval than round because the running stitch is spaced further apart than the traditional back space.

The design is from this month’s Elmow Package. 🙂

2. Monday treasure – hard to go ‘splorin’ on the net when your husband’s been sick! LOL But Mary Corbet posted this link this morning, and so I’m stealing it because it’s well, amazing!

Japanese embroidery as done by a master. I wish I were this quick!

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