Elmows – May 2012 – Medievally Yours!

Due to the stress going on in my life these days (more information on that in a later post), I have decided to limit the design availability to the design packs only. From this month on, I will post a new design pack on a Wednesday near the beginning of the month (I’ll try to hit the first Wednesday, but the best intentions…)

May is for Medieval! (ooh, that worked out!) I’ve been a calligrapher for almost longer than I’ve stitched, and the illumination part of my calligraphy is sneaking out into my stitch designs this month! Enjoy them! These are based on illuminations and marginalia from medieval manuscripts. Notes on sources included.

Medievally Yours Elmow


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Note: Elmows are distributed as a pdf file. If you don’t have it on your computer, you can get the free Adobe PDF Reader here. This creates a nice clean chart or pattern that you can print on your printer (and size up or down using a copy machine, or even work from the monitor, if you want.

What ARE these things? What can I do with them and is it safe to buy them from you?

If something goes wonky, PLEASE email or call me
(919-249-8698, 9-5 ET). I want you to be happy!

Reminder – please read–

Elmows will remain up for the month they are made available plus one month after. So March elmows will be available until April 30. April Elmows until May 31, and so on! They will later be made available as a hard-copy design pack only, either through my Etsy shop or at GoldenCircle Designs.com. />

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