Coming Back with a Splash!

Onyx Eye

Today’s my birthday. And I’m back on the blog. And I’ve designed something special…

So Happy Birthday to me! I indulged in a little sentimental designing.  The kitty is Onyx, who lived with us until she passed in 2010.

This design is available through April 15 (U.S. tax day) as an instant download for 5.00 USD. I don’t know yet whether I will create it as a printed chart as it is so completely different from my usual style, so you may want to snag a copy while you can!

All full stitches, fabric completely covered. 250 X 158 stitches, which works out to 10 by 6 1/4 inches when stitched over one on 25 count fabric.

Get Onyx Eye now from the Golden Circle Designs Site!

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