I Stitch for the People…

All right, I’ll admit it. And also for petting the fibers. But I have met such lovely people through this hobby – from needlework historians and designers like Linn Skinner to fantasy lovers Jennifer Aikman-Smith and Teresa Wentzler of TW Designs, to people who see me stitching in a coffee shop or bookstore and stop to talk, or better, stitch with me!

While I got my college roommate re-interested in cross stitch and needlepoint, and, OK, converted her into a Knitter with a capital “K.” many of my other close friends I met because of either needlework or another art form.

So yes, I stitch because I like to play with thread (the EO and heart-sister claim I’m at least part cat). I’d also be very happy on a deserted temperate island with enough food, water, and embroidery supplies to keep me busy! Even better is an evening of thread, good friends, and tea. Or a whole afternoon. Or a weekend.

On that last note, I’m trying to compile a list of regularly-scheduled needlework retreats and festivals across the United States. (I might consider adding Canada and Europe to that later, but I need to stay sort of local right now!) If you know of any you love to attend, I’d love to hear about them. Please post in the comments and I’ll add them to my list.

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