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FullPic1I’ve been working on Hazel Blomkamp’s “Midnight Meander” from her book, Crewel Twists (NOTE: link is NOT an affiliate link!). It’s taking some time, mostly because I don’t have as much concerted time to work on it as I’d like. But here’s the progress so far. I’ll keep posting as I get more completed…

It’s being stitched on a deep purple polyester faille that I had in my stash, with a white linen backing fabric to give it some body and keep it strong enough to handle all those beads! I’m stitching entirely in DMC, because we no longer have a convenient local needlework store where I can get Anchor whenever I want it! 🙁 And the beads had to be adjusted as well as I couldn’t find a source for some of them, local or otherwise. But it’s turning out lovely! Some closeups below. Click on the photo to see it bigger…

Flower 1

I’m not sure how I feel about her instructional method. On the one hand, they’re very clear visual steps. On the other, I generally like to wait until the very end to add beads, because of the way threads inevitably catch on them, and she’s stitching them in every flower portion before she even moves to the next petal! And the way the directions are written, if I wait, I’m sure to forget to put half of them in! To each her own, I guess.

embroidered flower
Flower 2
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