Leaf Progress (Commission Part 3)

4CloseupLeaves I’ve actually been working on another crewel piece in the meantime. Must take photos of those to share with y’all.

The first maple leaf is coming right along on this piece. 🙂 They say needlepainting is slow, but I find it faster than cross stitch, especially, believe it or not, when I only use one strand of thread and don’t have to worry about laying tools or railroading!

I am really having a blast with this piece. I don’t often stitch in fall colors, and as I’m putting these leaves together, I’m wondering why. A friend suggested at the first of the year to close my eyes and ask what the color of the year is, first thing to come to mind… I got pumpkin orange. And still have no idea why, as it’s not generally one of “my” colors. Still thinking about it. Any of you know anything about color psychology that can help me out with that?

The ground color is much truer in the larger photo than the closeup. The shot silk makes it really hard to photograph clearly!

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