Needlepainting Comission – Part 4

stitched leaves progress
Progress so far

Chugging away. I try to get an hour work in on this every business day, at least. Sometimes I get going on a roll, and sometimes I stall, but it IS coming along! I’ve finished one ivy border and one maple leaf. Next up, the other maple leaf, and then to roll the slate frame down (the frame isn’t QUITE big enough for the project, but it’s close!)

If you want to know about the time it takes to stitch something like this, well, the maple leaf checked in at almost exactly 6 hours work. The ivy started out at one full hour per leaf, but by the end of the branches I was down to 1/2 hour, because really they’re all of a type. So the ivy border that’s finished ran me about 8 hours total. I expect the other two may take a smidge less time. The oak clusters… well, we’ll see as we go. They’re going to involve some padding as well as stitching, so…

Maple closeup
Maple closeup – click for more detail


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