30 Days – Day 10

Day 10 painting
Day 10 – Underwater Dancing
9 x 12  – Acrylic on canvas board
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A third of the way to the finish line (although I suspect this has changed a habit for me…).
This has been an interesting experiment, as I don’t generally do full-color work before finishing a design. I prefer to do line drawings, import them as an overlay and add color and stitches from within my design program on the computer. Finished paintings are, well, for me, finished. So I don’t have any desire to stitch them (or, usually, even to design them)!

I’m finding some that I DO want to turn into stitching – like Stargazing a couple days back. And I’m finding my creative design bug is returning with a vengeance, so even if the paintings don’t turn into designs, designs will appear from this experiment!

I’m enjoying the underwater theme. And find myself with several dancing mermaids in my sketchbooks – and more fish on the easel… I suspect this is one I’ll come back to over again.

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