30 Days – Day 14

Almost 1/2 way there… wow. What a trip this is! What’s surprising to me is the expansion of the stitch-related creativity that doing this has engendered. More even than keeping a sketchbook!

Day 14 painting
Day 14
12 X 14 on Soho Painting Board
Mixed Media

Definitely click this one to embiggen it. It’s one of my favorites so far… I even named it – “If wishes were fishes…”  She’s more sparkly than the photos show… The board she’s painted on isn’t the sturdiest in the world for this kind of layered work, but it holds its shape well when pinned into a frame.

Stitching stuff – I’m doing an exclusive chart for folks attending Leslie LaFleurs “Undersea Fabrics Stitching on the High Seas” cruise this fall. I won’t be able to attend, but my little ship will, and that makes me happy. When I get a model stitched, I’ll post a pic – and I’m sure Leslie will, too. Hers will be on her pretty hand-dyed fabbies!

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