Things are Shifting…Day 1

Acrylic & stitched and painted cotton canvas on Canvas board.   8X6inches    $40.00
Acrylic & stitched and painted cotton canvas on Canvas board. 8X6inches $40.00 (Copyright logo not on original)

As I posted on my facebook page the other day, things are shifting here at Chez Romilly. (Do you follow my facebook biz page? If not, why not?) Right now I feel like I’m standing on a sand dune during an earthquake. Finding my balance is tricksy.

You see, I’ve been facing the hard numbers that I posted here earlier. And they are hard. Don’t panic – I’m not giving up on designing, though I will admit to considering it for more than a moment. No. What I’m actually going to do is expand. After all, what do you do when you are falling through drifting snow? You expand the size of your feet with snowshoes. It should work on sand too, right? The principle is the same.

I’ve always been told that I do too many things well – and the truth is, I love doing them. I’ve been wanting to do more “real” art again. And unbeknownst to most of you, I’ve been a calligrapher and painter for a while now, but it’s been a LONG time since I’ve sold anything. Recently I’ve been adding stitching sometimes. Art. With a capital A. There. I said it. Out loud, even.

So I’m going to try something. Inspired by my friend Sheri Ponzi, for the next 30 business days I’m going to paint. And post the results. Some will have stitching included, most probably won’t. (It’s hard to paint AND add stitching all in one day!) I’m choosing business days because I need to keep weekends free to keep digging the house out of its piles of clutter and the detritus of a life where I didn’t let myself truly live. In favor of building a better environment for the EO and I to THRIVE in. I’m starting today.

If you’re interested in any of these paintings, email me!

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