30 Days – Day 17

Day 17. I’m on the downward road on this “Finish a painting a day” challenge thing. And, I have to say, I’m glad. Not because I’m not enjoying painting, but…

Day 17 painting
Day 17
3X3 inches
Acrylic on wrapped canvas
$25.00 (and includes a small display easel for it)

The more I paint, the more complicated I’m willing to go. The more complicated I go, the more drying time between layers. The more drying time between layers, the more time I spend doing this. Don’t get me wrong. I think I could happily paint for 4 hours a day currently. But. 1. I don’t want to burn out. 2. I have needlework to do!

So I will, after this is all over, continue to paint daily, because it charges me. However, I probably won’t be finishing things at this rate. I’m going to try to keep the “it doesn’t matter if I love the outcome” attitude though, because I am amazed at the progress I’ve made with that feeling. Not requiring myself to finish every day will let me play with some of the more detailed realistic techniques I want to play with. And give me the freedom to add more stitching.

This painting, for example. I’m not happy with it. Part of it is the 3X3 inch size – it was too small to get nice swooping strokes going. The other part is I wanted to give myself another week and add a STUMPWORK dragonfly to it… not the painted one, which I am not really happy with. 🙂 But I fulfilled my own requirement, and I’ve learned something else about me and painting. I may think the little canvasses are cute, but I’m doing this to UNtighten myself. Working small puts me right back into the old mindset!

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