30 Days – Day 20 (And Parties!)

So I wasn’t going to post this painting. “It’s not good enough. It was just an experiment. You GLUED it to your art table!!!” Then I decided that since my focus is really on sharing techniques and experiences, you’d all like to see what my kind of messy experimentation looks like.

Day 20 painting
Day 20. Drippy, shiny, and glued to the table! acrylic on watercolor paper

So here it is. And experiment in dripping paint (without a vital tool…) glitter, followed up by dunking it in gloss gel medium and finding that it completely and utterly glued itself to the paper covering my table overnight. So I got to cut it off with a knife, later get to replace the protective paper (which, really, needed to get done anyway) and get back to stitching! I want to give you all an idea of what’s coming in the next few months soon. So Daily Painting posts will, in two weeks, return this blog to stitching, with painting sporadically, because I’m not giving it up: just the daily finish.

And my workshops and party offerings are now on the website! Go check them out…


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