30 Days – Day 25

Wow. I’m almost to the end of this. I’ve enjoyed it so much that I’m stocking up on paint and canvases! I don’t think I’ll be giving this up, and acrylic does seem to be my favorite medium. Mom used oil, I’ve tried watercolors multiple times, but this… this is FUN! 🙂

Day 25 painting
Day 25
Acrylic and Modelling gel on canvas paper
6 X 8 “

That said, I’m still playing (it’s easier to see the mermaid in this one… like the Gryphon, it’s a Dover stencil…) I don’t think I’m a traditional mixed media artist. I’m sort of enjoying this layering thing, but not as much as I could… I’m pretty literal, even in my favorite abstracts!

But what I’m learning about my methods, and how to expand them is priceless.

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