30 Days… Day 27

Ya know, folks, when I receive 4 comments on different (very old) posts, almost identical, all linking to the same sales website, from ostensibly different people, I am not very conducive to allowing them to display in my comments section. No matter how “soon to be famous” this blog is. 😛  Now people who want to talk about stitching, or something else relevant to my posts – PLEASE comment! I love meeting and talking to new people! But don’t just say “This is a greatly written article, and I learned so much.” I tend to think you are a robot then and delete you.

Day 27 painting
Roses for Mom
11 X 14
Ink and Acrylic on
Soho Painting board

So. Today is day 27. This is what happens when I have a liquid ink background and start applying my limited knowledge of decorative painting to it. I rather like the final result. But then, I love turquoise, and blue, and copper! Don’t you? Sorry about the glare in the upper right corner. It’s very shiny, and mitigation techniques didn’t work so well!


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