Arraiolos Revisited

NeysaArraiolo 03YEARS ago (2007 in fact) this stitch dilettante got interested in, and tried out the techniques for stitching Arraiolos rugs in long-armed cross stitch. Mostly, I think, because I’ve loved long armed cross for a long time. I stitched a small sample in plain old embroidery floss on 14 count aïda cloth. Which is most definitely not the traditional method!

Strange as it seems to me, that Arraiolos post is one, if not THE most popular post on this blog.

While I’m still interested in these rugs, I have long since acknowledged my lack of commitment to any project quite that big. So I never actually went looking for the real supplies to make one. I am told they are very difficult to find in the US – requiring ordering directly from Brazil or Spain.

The other day I got a comment and email from one of my readers, Neysa Miller. She has finished more than one of these lovely pieces of artwork! (I’m in awe right there…). You can see them on her blog, Random Thoughts. She’s kindly offered to teach the technique, and possibly obtain supplies from Brazil if people are looking for them. Please go look at her work. It’s lovely!


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