Eastern Bluebird
Eastern Bluebird – better photo and actual post coming

I’ve been asked again recently, why I do this. One of my cousin’s years ago asked me why I create designs for hand stitching, when you can stitch easily by machine… I didn’t have an answer at the time. But I’ve been digging for one ever since. I think I’ve finally found it. Not necessarily completely concise yet, but a definite answer.

I advocate hand stitching because once you’ve gotten into a rhythm it’s meditative. There’s some truth to the sayings, “I stitch so I don’t kill someone,” and “I stitch because it’s cheaper than therapy.”

My big overarching “why” includes the business, this blog, the stitch groups I try to organize, and my membership in the stitching guilds…

My what – what I’m looking for – is a connection with people who share my love of stitching and want to explore new directions in thread, whether by doing it themselves, or understanding what they commission. A conversation and a hangout spot where I can help you step into your creativity and create Beauty in your life.

Why? Because beauty is essential to peace of mind. Beauty we connect with is more powerful just buying something pretty. In many ways it’s the difference between having books on shelves because you read them and having books on shelves to look erudite. There is a depth that saying “I made that beautiful thing” (or “a dear friend” or even “artist I know” made it for me) than buying a cushion, curtain, or “handmade” sweater imported from a box store doesn’t give you. The Knowledge that either you made it, or you know the artisan who created it gives warm fuzzies beyond the yumminess of the product. True Beauty IS Connection.

And yes, this IS going up on the main website as I redesign it, my work, and my life around this…

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2 Responses to WHY?

  1. The bluebird is absolutely beautiful.

    I agree about the art being more powerful when we have direct connection. But I think there maybe even more to it.

    Stitching is meditative, but that’s not the whole reason why I do it. When I’m creating art, even when making something created by another designer, I feel like I’m birthing something to a certain extent. I’m bringing something that didn’t exist into the world.

    So connection, yes, but it’s also the labor itself that attracts me. Yes, I could produce my designs in machine embroidery, but that would take the entire purpose of it away.

    I do it because I like doing the stitches themselves. I love finding new ways to lay thread on ground. I love mastering new techniques and I love watching the design grow on the fabric or canvas.

    I do it because I love it. And I love the moment when it’s finished at I look at it and think “Wow. My hands did that?”

  2. What beautiful work you do. My response to the question, why do stitching instead when a machine can do it is – machine stitching is fake. I think unless one has done fine needle crafts, people do not understand. You are an artist.

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