Time for a Technique Circus!

TeddyBearSee this little bear? I made him as a tween. He’s made from leftover fabric from one of my Halloween costumes. But what’s really special is that the pattern came in the mail direct to me. It was part of a “club” that my grandmother signed me up for one year as a birthday present. Every other month I got a new craft project in the mail. They came with all the pieces to make the final project.

I really only remember a frog (yup, really) in crewelwork. As I recall, I managed to stitch the whole thing without frogging, a first for me. And probably a last – I don’t remember ever doing another project where I actually didn’t have to rip anything out! I also remember the bear – because I have it, and because the kit wasn’t large enough for the project (I promise that won’t happen to you with my kits!).

But I remember the wonderful feeling of getting something to play with in the mail every other month. Just enough time to finish the last project so I was eager for the next. And I’m thinking, “maybe you all would like that opportunity, too?”

So. I’m presenting the Technique Circus. When the year (2015) is out you will have a circus-themed sewing kit to show for it. Each project will be a different technique. From colored blackwork on waste canvas to metallic thread embroidery. A small stitching bag, a scissors fob, a scissor sheath, a pinkeep, a thimble case, and a needle book. Circus tent, lions, elephants, trapeze artists and clowns. I’m halfway done stitching the first model – the blackwork circus tent on black broadcloth, using waste canvas and cross stitches.

All of the supplies to complete the set are included, and the lining fabric is an exclusive designed by me to match the sewing set – and you won’t suffer the frustrations I did with my bear! I promise to include enough of all the supplies to complete the pattern!

The cost is $200.00 for the entire six-project set. I’ll close subscriptions on December 31, and the first shipping date will be January 30.

Need more information? Ready to say “YES! I’m in!!!” and whoosh some money to reserve your space? Click for the Technique Circus sign-up page.

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