Cross Stitch as Art

I am currently in the throes of putting together a proposal for a beginning crazy quilting class and decluttering my studio (removing everything that doesn’t have to do with painting, stitching or the design business. Which means that I’m rather slow on the writing, and videotaping has to wait until there is space TO videotape! But when I’m done, oh what a space I’ll have!

In the meantime, there have been several wonderful posts in various locations about cross stitch as art, cross stitch being looked down upon by other embroiderers as “paint by number” (by the way, when I’m stitching someone else’s design, I LIKE the “paint by number” analogy. It’s easy to convey to people that they can learn this Craft, and, frankly, I kind of like not having to make all the artistic decisions about what color or stitch goes where!)

In any case, this TED talk by Jaime, “Mr. X Stitch” himself, caught my eye. It’s definitely worth the eight minutes or so. And don’t just walk away while you listen. The images of stitching he posts behind him are amazing in their own right!

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