A New Start – Moving the Blog

Somewhere last year I lost my way. And I found it again. But before I found it, I let the blog derail. Which made me disappear for the last 6 months or so without realizing it. I know prevailing wisdom says I shouldn’t even acknowledge that disruption. But that’s not how I roll…

My focus has expanded (and narrowed st the same time). I hope you like the new things coming. The things you ned to know are:

  1. I will be moving the blog to GoldenCircleDesigns.com
  2. I will be moving the old posts over, but it may take a bit before they are cleaned up, so I’m leaving them here for a while.
  3. The focus here will shift slightly to:
    • Stitching and design
    • Art – mine and yours
    • The occasional dance post
  4. I will be putting my remaining hard copy charts on sale in the next few days. When they are gone, my charts will only be available with the purchase of a kit. Digital charts will still be available!

I hope you’ll stick with me as I implement these changes.


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