Witches Brew… er… Shoe Needlepoint

Witches Brew… er… Shoe Needlepoint

Last year, around Halloween, I finally transferred this drawing to canvas and started stitching it. The basis is obviously “Halloweeny” – with the boot and the spiderweb. Of course, it could be adapted to steampunk by replacing the spider with cogs and gears, or just leaving it out entirely. In fact, now that I’ve had that thought I’ve got an entirely new idea for it deep in my little stitchy brain!

While prepping to do this, I tried out a bunch of stitch combinations, trying to find a diagonal stitch that still gave a vertical impression for the wallpaper, because I really didn’t like the coverage of this stitch. I couldn’t find an option I liked better, and I DO like how this is progressing!

So I ended up with a Hungarian stitch background in green and orange coton perlĂ©. I haven’t finished the boot or the web yet – black with silver details – but I’ll post a final update when I do finish it.

In the meantime, if you’d like to try your hand at stitching (in any form) or coloring, the line drawing is available for purchase in my Etsy Shop.

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