Blanket Stitch – Basic Embroidery Stitch

Blanket Stitch – Basic Embroidery Stitch

Buttonhole stitch and Blanket stitch are not technically the same things. But in modern usage they have combined in the language. What most people mean when they say “buttonhole stitch” is really “blanket stitch.”  I’m not going to try to convince you. We’ll worry about knotted buttonhole next week! If you are really interested in the difference between the two, Dianne at the Heritage Shoppe has a really good explanation.

How can I use the Blanket Stitch?

This looped stitch can be used by itself for pretty borders – just change the spacing and the length of the vertical part of the stitch. Or work it in a circle with the needle always going down in the same hole – instant “buttonhole wheel.”

Play with this one. change the length of the stitches. Change the width of the stitches. change the stitch texture. A row of them in different heights with random spaces between them might be used as a cityscape… (now *I’m* getting ideas!)

How do I do it?

Here’s the video! Watch the beginning, and then left handed demonstration starts at 6:02.

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