Multiple Projects – WIP Juggling

Multiple Projects – WIP Juggling

Do you do Multiple Projects at once? I do.

You have probably noticed that I do a lot. I love stitching and designing, of course, but I also dance, teach, make art, and write. “Multiple Projects”? More like a plethora of projects! I am what Barbara Sher calls a Scanner in her book Refuse to Choose. (This link is NOT an affiliate link!)

Keeping up with everything that actually has a deadline can be a trick. Not to mention the various stitching projects that aren’t technically on a deadline, but need to be finished so I can launch a class or a pattern!

Honestly, many stitchers seem to have this problem. Starting a new project sometimes feels a lot more fun than pushing an older one through to its finish!


I found when I looked at my most productive days, that personally I do better on a schedule reminiscent of my schooling. So I try to schedule my weeks and days around various “classes.” One day may be 50 minutes of marketing followed by a 10 minute break where I go downstairs and get water or whatnot, followed by 50 minutes of writing on whatever project is the focus of the day, and then another break, then something else (or more writing). Today was a writing day. I wrote drafts of five blog posts and a few sections of the design book. Tomorrow will be focused on bookkeeping, art and photography (for those blog posts, including this one).

It’s like having lots of WIPs. We rotate them – one week of stitching on one project, then a week on another. That way we don’t burn out on any one project. Or if we are stitching something huge, like a HAED or one of the Paine Free Crafts designs, we stop after each design page to stitch something small, like a biscornu, just to get a finish under our belt.

Rotation. In dance, spinning always was my forté!

How do YOU juggle multiple projects? Or are you a “finish one painting before starting the next” kind of person?

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