About US

Hi, I’m Romilly (or Romalie, if you want a more phonetic spelling -By the way, it’s a short ‘o’ as in hop, not a long ‘o’ as in Rome.)!

I’ve tried to rewrite this About Me page multiple times now, and each try gets me further from what I am — from WHO I am. You see, part of the difficulty is that I don’t see Golden Circle Designs as being About Me. It’s much more about the art itself, and the magic, and the work that goes with them. And all of that — whether you are wearing my bead work, hanging my art, or stitching one of “my” designs, makes this whole thing not about me, but about us.

My side of it is simple – I’ve been stitching, dancing, writing and drawing since I was small. For a while, dance was ascendant, then writing, and now visual art gets to take it’s proper place at the table. You could say that in the Magik I work, these are the four elements. But none of it can express itself without YOU – the viewer/wearer, the reader, the stitcher.

Us, together. We are the Circle in Golden Circle Designs. Let’s find enchantment together!

I love email and connecting with other people on this journey! Care to join me? The trip is always more fun with friends…

Needlework patterns and textile art!

Bellydance with Romalie!

Romilly, Romalie, So what’s the difference?!

So. Let’s look at the difference:

Romilly stitches, paints and designs
Romalie dances and teaches dance.
Romalie dances and teaches dance. (It’s easier for MCs to pronounce this way!)

See? Not so hard!