Hello and welcome. While I’ve maintained a personal blog for some time now as an open letter to friends, I decided that it was about time the needlework took center stage. I may be slow on the bandwagon, but I hope I can say something that at least a few people will enjoy.

Things you’ll find here in the future:

  1. embroidery
  2. knitting
  3. design theory
  4. designs – free, shareware, and for purchase
  5. bits and bobs of needlework history
  6. book and/or product reviews
  7. costuming and stitching for bellydance maybe even a bit of history or video — that’s where the shimmy comes in!
  8. a stray cat or four. There’s a reason my signature line for the past 12 years has said:  Cat fur? What cat fur? That’s creative use of specialty fiber!  Besides, I think if you’re talking about knitting on your blog, you’re required to at least acknowledge that you have one cat (we have four of the miscreants living with us).

Things you probably won’t find here:

  1. Needlework humor. I have no sense of comedy. I’ll laugh at the jokes other people provide, but I seem to have a block against writing anything humorous, much as I might like or want to write such. For my dose of knitting humor, I wander over to Canada and the Yarn Harlot. Try it: you’ll get addicted.
  2. Politics. While politics and needlework DO mesh (Anyone read the Subversive Stitch?), they really don’t mesh for me. So we won’t go there. Believe what you will.

So come on in, make yourself at home, have a cup of tea and some chocolate and feel free to get out your needlework, because here we go!

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