I finally finished it!

I’m finally done!

OK, to give myself credit, I was mostly done by last week, but couldn’t bring myself to take a picture without the final pieces of glass in the stars…

I’ve never done anything with this many layers of  embroidery on it—embroidery over embroidery, even. I’m really pleased with how it actually does what it was supposed to do… progress from the rough at the bottom left to the smooth at the upper right. Click on the thumbnail for a larger version.


Week four, which is now almost over, has been back to the design process. I’ve got several ideas that I’ve been playing with over the last few years, and I’ll now be able to work them (which makes this course worth every penny…). However, for this installment I want to continue working relatively small, and those designs… aren’t. I think I’ll be ready with a cartoon for the design by the next class installment despite the late finish on this one. Stay tuned…

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