To Design a Bedlah

So my dance troupe is putting together a new piece — and I “get” to make my own costume. Now usually this is a good thing — but usually it’s not a full traditional bra and belt set that I have to make in three months!

So. I have a bra to use as a base. My theme is “water.” I decided that I didnt’ have time to bead the fringe myself, although I have an appropriate pice started  – it’s just going to have to go on another costume because I’m not going to have time to finish it.

I found on ebay a set of 5 and 8 inch Egyptian beaded fringe in turquoise and snagged it. It’s not quite what I’d call turquoise – it has a greyish quality to it, but it will work. I also found two turquoise/teal valances at BigLots for $3.00 each.  Bought them, too. Yes, I am planning on working the beaded edge they came with into the design as well…

The fringe and valance (click to embiggen by lots!):


I’m going to cover my bra – I’ll actually have to start from scratch on the belt, which means that the shape is completely up to me! Great, yet more decisions. I think I’ll just use one I’ve got and that fits as a pattern.

So. The idea is currently to cover the bra and belt in the valance fabric: put a row of fringe across the bra at the bustline, and sequin/bead above that. The belt, because I get to start the design from scratch – will probably have a dip in the front, fringe around the bottom, and sequinning in easy wave patterns around.

I have a mottled evening blue silk skirt from a current performance, and am toying with the idea of adding a silk gauze overskirt in green & white dappling to make it look even more like water.

So. That’s the basic design. You’re actually not getting all the thoughts on it, because I’ve been wanting both a turquoise cosume and a water costume for a couple of years now. I’m combining two ideas into one, although in the long run I still want my ocean costume that’s dripping with glass fringe, swarovski crystal and pearls! (Yes, I’m already collecting the expensive parts for it!)

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