If you’re reading this on Monday when it posts, send me good thoughts as I’ll be in the hospital having my gallbladder removed.

They tell me I can go back to work as early as Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday, depending on complications! What a change in surgical procedures over the years! Not even any extra stitching time! The doctor seemed to think I might be back to bellydancing that soon, too.

Ummmm…. I think I’ll take a little time off of that – maybe a week or two? I did think about asking him to pierce my bellybutton while he had me out cold and was rummaging around down there. It’s something I’d like, but given other health issues I think I’ll pass this time, too.

On the other hand I’ve lost almost 10 p0unds this week. Not the most fun in the world doing it, however. Hopefully I’ll feel better soon and be more chipper!

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  1. I was back at my desk 6 days after my gall bladder was removed. And the only reason it was that long was because I was inpatient in the hospital on a morphine drip for 3 days before surgery. I went into the ER on a Saturday morning with jaundice and pain, discovered I had a doozy of a stone but not life-threatening, and they kept me in. Surgery was Tuesday morning, I went home on Thursday. And I wasn’t about to go back to work for one day at the end of the week, although I did let them know I could work remotely if they needed me.

    They left a stent in my common bile duct after surgery to make sure everything drained, and I had to go back 5 weeks later to have that removed. I would personally probably leave the dancing off until that point just in case. I had residual achiness (not pain, just kind of a ghosty feeling) for about 2 weeks after the gallbladder removal and another couple days after the stent removal.

  2. Hi, Romilly! I hope you’re recovered soon! I had the same thing done at the beginning of September, and was back to work inside a week. The first day or two was unpleasant – groggy, yucky feeling – but after that, everything went ok.

    Best of luck!


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