My Very Off the Diet Breakfast

breakfast-nodiet1.jpgI can hear my doctor, who is trying to keep me from diabetes and other health issues now — “Do you KNOW how many carbs are in that mocha and muffin?!” Well, yes, actually, I do, but my car has been sick, my schedule’s all messed up, I needed breakfast, I was late, I wanted comfort food and the coffee shop’s right next to my office.

And you have to admit, it IS a pretty muffin!

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  1. Hi Rommily,
    Thank you so much for your lovely comment.
    Now this is very lax of me as I didn’t realise in the forefront of my brain that you have a blog. I can see I’ll have lots of catching up to do 😀
    It was a bit of a risky investment but I had that blind determination on that we artists get sometimes when it comes to “materials” and I adopted the phrase for this month to be… “where there’s a will there’s a relative”… opps no I mean “way” (jk). I just hope that I can sell prints of things to cover that costs!! Actually though it’s cheaper on inks than my old A4 so that’s a bonus.
    lovely to hear from you
    all the best
    Helen S

  2. Hey dear 🙂

    I didn’t realize you had moved over to a blog. My bad! I’ll subscribe to your RSS feed.

    Did you know that several coffee places now have a big array of sugar-free syrups? Starbucks used to have mocha/chocolate, but have since nixed it for some stupid reason. We get lattes from them with the SF syrups and it’s almost as good as a super carbo one. I can’t remember if they have a nutty kind, but the nutty ones are good (like almond or hazelnut).

    Caribou has a new “Northern Lite” line which is a skinny latte with sugar-free syrup. I got the Turtle and it tasted pretty frickin’ sweet!!!


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