Snow in the morning.

This deserves an extra post. 🙂 We woke up this morning to snow.  Beautiful pretty, dangerous to drive in in the South, snow. And it kept coming all day long. We now have almost six inches in the back yard, and it doesn’t seem to be likely to go away tomorrow, although they claim it’s going to be back up to 50 by Thursday. It has stopped coming down now, however.

When the Universe grants you a gift like this, you take advantage of it. The EO couldn’t make it into work. I couldn’t make it into work, although I had advance notice and brought my computer home so I could work.

We went for a walk. Remember that 65 degree weather I mentioned last week? My peonies have bloomed. They are not happy with the snow.

Snowy PeonyWe were accosted by our next door neighbor (she’s 12) and had a snowball fight, which I lost. Which felt normal for me, although I’ve won most of the ones the EO and I have had.

Dora wanted to know what the white stuff was. Her mom looked at her like, “You are insane, kitten. You do NOT want to go out in that.” Her mother was right, of course, not that she would get to go out in any case… indoor kitty! 🙂

I scattered birdseed around the back deck and it promptly was buried. Later in the day, a very cold squirrel came to visit and found it — at least some of it. hopefully the birds will find the remainder later.

Squirrel in the snowTomorrow is supposed to be the first day of my next session of dance classes. I am told that they may close the community center, and I don’ t think I’d be adverse to that. We’ll see what happens.

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