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I didn’t think that I’d like this magazine – I glanced through the first issue and thought, “why would I buy a magazine when all it is a compilation of what’s already on the web?”  Silly me.

Last month I bought my second issue – vol. 3, issue 1, Feb-Apr. 2009. It’s as beautiful as the last one. With tips on making your blogging better, stories of wonderful bloggers and how blogging has changed both their lives and them, and, of course, urls and photographs from their blogs, it reads much more like Ricë’s Creative Life than a magazine. And it fills my need for reading about people who, like me, are trying to live creatively (in a format that I can take into the bathtub with me). I sometimes feel not misunderstood – but just missed, by my friends and acquaintances. Several of them have said, “you’re so lucky to be so creative!” It’s not luck, it’s just me.

And sometimes it’s lonely. The people profiled in the magazine remind me that I’m not alone. And so do the people I’ve met through this blog and their own blogs and several mailing lists.

So thank you all – and may we all have many more years of Artful Blogging ahead of us!

P.S.   Yesterday I bought yet a third issue when I was at the bookstore.  Heh. I think I’m hooked.

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  1. Stampington’s magazines are my preferred version of crack. Who needs drugs? LOL They’re all so yummy! Besides Artful Blogging, I like Altered Couture, Belle Armoire (art to wear especially), and Art Doll Quarterly.

  2. I’m a fan of Belle Armoire as well myself. Started out with Somerset Studio back when I was doing more calligraphy than fiber…

    I am trying VERY hard to avoid Art Doll quarterly. The LAST thing I need is to pick up another hobby, and when things look so pretty, I have a tendency to want to go try my hand at making one. 🙂

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