Lawnmower saga — part 2

So I just realized that it’s Monday evening and I haven’t posted. Durn holidays messing with my time sense!!!

The lawn mower saga continues. Saturday morning my father and the EO took the sick lawnmower in to see The Professionals. This turned out to be a very good thing, although  they are very backed up right now. (EO also took our tiller in, in the hopes that we can get it running soon, since it hasn’t been since it came home from the garage sale…) Roscoe was very happy to have the opportunity to help the EO learn how NOT to pet a cat (you do NOT tickle a 22 lb poly-dactyl Hemingway cat on the stomach when he asks for a bellyrub… you RUB).

And then came the moment of truth. Mike listened to the saga, nodded sagely, tugged on the power cord slightly, then very calmly, pulled back the dead man switch that automatically turns the mower off if you’re not holding it, and turned the thing on. Now I’ve been using this mower for 3 years now… it is, I believe, a testament to how tired I was this last week that it did not OCCUR to me that I needed to do the thing I’ve always done when trying to start said engine. Kind of like how my car won’t turn off unless it’s in Park!

It also is a testament to how tired the EO has been that not only did he have the same brain freeze, but he tried to take the thing apart AND take it to a professional for fixing when it wouldn’t start for him with this safety feature engaged.

Mike was aparently very relieved that the EO took the news by falling over laughing.  The EO then called me to tell me about it, with the words, “Yes, that IS your father laughing at me in the background.”

It then proceeded to rain all weekend and keep me from mowing the jungle out there in any case.  Soon, I hope, because otherwise we are going to have reticulated python and anaconda moving into the weeds, and while I like snakes all right, I’d rather not meet one like that in my backyard…

The tiller is on the list for fixing in the next two weeks or so. But after being unusable for 3 years, what’s another two weeks?

In other needlework-related news, I’ve been knitting on a HUGE sock for the EO. Why do men have such big feet, anyway? I thought mine were big!

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