My not-quite-a-UFO pile

I have a box full of “half-finished” needlework. What I mean by “half-finished” may not be what you expect.

You see, what I mean is that the embroidery is finished, but the product isn’t. So.  Half-finished. You see, I hate prep work and “finishing” work with a passion. the prep work has to be done or I don’t get to stitch. but the finishing work — which entails either “real” sewing (and me terrified I’m going to ruin a piece I stitched and love) or more work similar to the prep work (for example, lacing to a board for framing),  or paying someone else to do these things is something I often don’t get around to doing. So, I have a box of unfinished finished objects in my studio that is getting close to overflowing, and none of my own work on the walls or chairs in my house.

Anyway, I noticed last week that the box was getting overly full, and something had to be done. So instead of tackling the main problem – the finishing work — I took photos of the work to share here over the course of the next few weeks. 🙂 Yup. I’m still procrastinating about finishing them.

The first one is a piece that I did to hang in our bathroom, which is supposed to, in the long run, gain a Gothic Castle theme. There’s a shower curtain that is most definitely a UFO and will probably stay that way as well… I’m still considering whether to admit that I bit off more than I can chew with that one. I may go ahead and start a different one in a technique that’s more likely to actually get finished! LOL Click on the images for details.

Remember that I’m a horrible masochist when it comes to needlework. This is done in mostly satin and stem stitch… on cotton muslin, and measures about six or seven inches wide. When you look at the details — all of that satin stitch is done with one strand of DMC floss. I told you I was crazy…

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    • Why thank you! 🙂 I’m rather fond of it. And yes, I do have a series in mind, but… (Well, it’s from a Dover book of iron-on transfers of Medieval critters. If anyone’s interested in the actual title let me know and I’ll go dig it out.)

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