Stitching over the Seams

I am really enjoying my foray into the deeper levels of Crazy Quilting. It will likely remain something I do mainly for myself: it’s extremely time consuming, but also very satisfying.

It has also renewed my interest in my little band sampler – I got it into my head to work all the stitch combinations in Carole Sample’s Crazy Quilt Stitches book in thread of some sort. Of course, choosing different thread and spacing can make the exact same stitch combination look completely and utterly different. Currently, though, I’m using what’s easy – the cottons in my “traveling” box with few, if any, beads or embellishments. I’m changing the weight of the thread by adjusting the number of strands, and I’m mostly only stitching each stitch combination once, in one color or thread-weight scheme. I may amend that as I go, but this is a DENSE book that will keep me busy for years as it is!

And then there are the historic works available online for free, like this book, which has nice, clear diagrams that “pop.”

Some of these techniques could be adapted to embellishing clothing – without the “crazy” element. Maybe that’s my next step… I do have this tunic in progress… and there’s that velvet choli top I need to finish so I have something to teach in….

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  1. Hi Romi,

    I “found” you via SpeakEasy! I’m a fiber artist (art quilter, knitter, crazy quilter, embroiderer, beader, …) and an XMLgeek (been working with high-end pub systems for tech writers for decades). I highly recommend all of Sharon’s classes for CQ, and you might like Judith Baker Montano’s books besides Carole’s for stitching.

    • Hi Mary! It’s nice to see another SpeakEasy person! Is there such a thing as a fiber artist who doesn’t get caught up in all the pretties and end up wanting to learn everything!? 🙂

      Thank you for the additional recommendation on Sharon’s classes… I’ve taken three of them at this point, and will probably work the rest into my life at some point! My library contains a couple of Judith’s books – I don’t really resonate with the types of things she does, although I have to admit that I am definitely intrigued by her idea of crazy quilting on chiffon to make scarves and shawls… Do you have any recommendations for a good book on ribbon embroidery? I’ve got Judith’s, but nothing I’ve found really focuses on how to use the stitches to build up your own sprays of flowers or your own designs. (I may have to budget for Sharon’s ribbon embroidery class soon!)

      (OK the XML geek makes me laugh… I think we need to talk: I AM a tech writer in my day job… and currently ecstatic that we’ve finally switched to Flare from RoboHelp so we can actually get CLEAN XML code out of it!)

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