When the Universe Yells at you, you Listen!

I’ve been moping recently about the state of my studio. It’s very difficult to work in right now, because it never really got set up, for various interruptions in my life. But I had gotten it into some semblance of semi-ordered chaos, and while I never wanted to just stay up there and stitch, which is the final plan – a hidey-hole/regeneration/playroom… I COULD work.

Then came the almost-missed deadline. The you have 4 days to dig out the design you did, or do another one, stitch it, finish it into an ornament and get it into the mail or it isn’t going to get into the magazine that wants it.  Oops.  (Almost blew that one, didn’t I?)

So I was well on my way to finishing it and opened the closet – the one that came with shelves from the previous owners, that I had put some of my lightweight supplies on – loose thread, not so loose thread, a couple yards of interfacing. NOTHING big or heavy. I promise!  I reached for the box containing the batting I wanted to use on the ornament.  Crash! Yelp! Big jump backwards as all of the shelves pull free of the wall and everything falls on me.

Now there are two good things about this. Remember how I said nothing was heavy? This means that the box that landed on my foot did no damage, nor did the one that bounced off of my head.  Second? I already had the batting in my hand so I didn’t have to worry about digging it out from out the detritus.

This, I feel now, was the Universe’s not-so-subtle way of telling me that “you need to take care of yourself first.” The EO is right, but on a bigger level than just getting more sleep. I need a space of my own, just like he needs a space of his own, and I think that right now we both need to concentrate on getting those spaces finished and usable. In the process some very important work on the house will get done as well, and we’ll both be happier for it. And happier us means that we’ll be able to accomplish more of what we want to do in life.  (And I’ll have the space to get the next set of designs finished and available for y’all!)

So now. I’m off to Asheville, NC to go to a wacky brain-repatterning/yoga/destuckifying/get your business going workshop with Havi Brooks and her duck Selma from TheFluentSelf.  Have a wonderful weekend, and remember to listen to the Universe BEFORE the shelves fall on your head!!!

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