Binky Gives Permission

Binky is not my invention. Nor is he the invention of the woman who introduced me to him. As I understand the story, yet another lady was trying to learn a musical instrument and having difficulty getting past the “I sound awful” stage – She made a poster that said simply, “Binky gives you permission to sound horrible while you’re learning.”

Somehow that morphed into Binky existing to grant permission for anything you feel you need permission for.

  • I want to skip work today.
    • Binky gives you permission.
  • I want to lay around and eat ice cream…
    • Binky gives you permission.
  • I want to learn something new…
    • Binky gives you permission.
  • I want to create something wonderful…
    • Binky gives you permission.

What Binky does NOT do is take responsibility for the results. So you skipped work? Yeah, Binky gave permission, but isn’t responsible if you got fired. It was only recently, however, that I realized that this also applies to the good things. (Thank you ShivaNata!)

  • Binky gives me permission to start a newsletter.
    • I am responsible for the good response! (Thank you all who signed up! And if you haven’t… you can learn more here – or just sign up in the sidebar!)
  • Binky gives me permission to learn to paint.
    • I am responsible for the good results and creativity I’ve reaped.
  • Binky gives me permission to spend more time designing.
    • I am responsible for now having more designs than I can stitch.
      : I also now have a budget for model stitchers and several band samplers and cross stitch designs needing stitched. If you’re interested, shoot me an email.

So not only is Binky not responsible for bad things happening, he’s not responsible for the good things, either — I am. And, as such, *I* reap the rewards!

Binky gives us all permission to go out and be creative and alive.  Now, go reap the rewards of that. 🙂

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