Universe is hitting me again! Help!

You remember a few months ago, when I said that when the Universe yells at you, you should listen? Well, I tried, really I did. I started focusing on cleaning the studio. I even found a patch of floor that I didn’t know I had. The shelves are still falling over, though, because they need to be emptied before I can fix them… and and and…well, things got busy. We had a software release at work, then there was the new beta to get started on, and Thanksgiving, and friends who wanted to see me before I die, and my father, who also wants to see me before EITHER of us dies… and so on. I worked on designs. I worked on the studio. Sporadically. I didn’t get the first newsletter out, although it is mostly written.

Well. The first week in December the Universe got tired of my wimbling. It pulled out a two by four and smacked me over the head about not pursuing my dreams. You see, I think the universe really wants me to succeed in Art and Design, even when I would much rather pull the blanket up over my head and hide from the world.

That two-by-four? It’s called a layoff. Suddenly I have all the time in the world to focus on the business, getting this pile of designs I have finished ready for you wonderful folks to buy and stitch and love, and the book on how to design your own needlework done…

And then the day after, my Dora-kitten got sick. (OK, she’s four. But she’s still my kitten. And she features in the design book, so she’s even more special!) Very sick. Sick like “in the hospital for three days with kidney failure” sick.  I’ve been spoon feeding her, running her to the doctor, and trying to keep her warm in a cold house ever since (they shaved her for an ultrasound). In true family fashion, they know what’s wrong, but they can’t figure out WHY.

But you know? Through it all, I’ve managed to get my butt in gear, edit another chapter of the book, almost finish the model stitching for the snowflake pattern (Which means, that if you want it at the pre-release pdf price before the model is done and in the pattern shop, you should order it now at the Snowflake Mat pattern page! It’s an instant download, and the individual snowflakes make for great quick ornaments/gift tags!)

In addition, I put several of my beaded chatelaines on Etsy for last-minute gifts. If you’re within the US and want them by Christmas, I know I can get them there if they’re ordered by Friday the 18.  I can’t guarantee  if they’re ordered by Monday, but I’m sure there’s a pretty good chance they’d still make it. 🙂

So. The Universe is calling. And I’m making an attempt to answer it. Now if it would stop throwing sick cats at me in between steps… !

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