Stitch by Stitch

Cafe curtain - purple flowers and green/brown embroidered leaves
The beginnings of my cafe curtain!

Although there is a LOT going on right now between getting cross stitch designs ready for the Online Needlework Show, and pulling together a design kit that may or may not be finished in time for it and costuming and rehearsals for bellydance shows in October… I’ve still managed to get some test stitching done on the curtain that’s letting me try things out for the shower curtain. Much fun!

I am using Stroll Sock yarn from Knitpicks for the stitching. So far it has been wonderful to stitch with. It actually doesn’t stretch quite as much as crewel wool, and with the relatively loose weave of the ground fabric I chose has been a dream.  I’d forgotten how much I enjoy working on a large scale – the stitching fills up the fabric so much faster!

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    • I always forget how much I enjoy it until I go for it again. In the past, my large-scale projects have been quite stupidly designed as very large, normal-scale designs. Not fast, quickly overwhelming. 🙂 Like the originally intended shower curtain. Maybe I’ll finish it, but I’m not counting on it. 🙂 This one, however: this one I think will get done!

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