Gold for Winter!

Pattern - click for full-sized printable version

I have decided that I need something small to work on – something I can actually complete relatively quickly while I wait for gold thread for the curtain. So I am digging out the little Jacobean pattern again and doing it in goldwork.

Want to join me?

The image to the right will enlarge to a full-sized gif at 300dpi. Sometimes this prints huge. If you need the actual 4″ design, you can click the following to download the PDF version. (You’ll need Adobe’s free Reader or something compatible to open the file.)

Jacobean Flower Pattern as PDF file

Note: When I stitch this, I plan on using the Chinese preference of a red thread rather than yellow for the couching threads. This accomplishes two things: first, it is still a traditional method of working couching threads, and second, it will provide a greater contrast for the photography so you could better see what I was doing. Feel free to use whatever color couching you want – even something contrasting such as green for the stems or blue for the petals can be effective!


(I usually get my goldwork supplies from Hedgehog Handworks. Not affiliated, but a very happy customer!)

  • Japan gold or silver – size 5
  • Pearl purl in gold or silver
  • Check purl in gold or silver
  • Silk or cotton sewing thread in yellow or white (or red, or green for couching)
  • embroidery hoop – 6 to 7 inch diameter
  • 2 10 inch square pieces of a firm fabric – one for a lining and one that will show.
  • Scissors that can get dull without causing trouble
  • Embroidery Scissors

Always use an old pair or scissors or a craft knife to cut metal threads. Metal threads are either real metal or they are man-made materials. In either case, they are not kind to scissors. They will not only blunt them, but can also put nicks and grooves into the blades. Once you use a pair of scissors for metal thread work, they will never be the same for cutting threads or fabric. I have an old, cheap pair of stork scissors that are designated my “goldwork” scissors. They have a fob on them that lets me know they’re the ones I use.

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