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  1. This is info that I had shared with members of the ANG cybergroup. It’s so good to see Janet Perry blogging about the info I shared with the group!

  2. If anyone is interested I’ve started a Yahoo group called blackwork lessons where I am sharing what I learn as a I research the origins of blackwork, in particular the middle eastern connection. No fee to join. This is the link to the “front door.”

    I have also just begun a blog where the informational part of the research will be presented. Patterns and resources will be stored on Yahoo.

    • Thanks for the information, Julie! I always prefer to find the source of information I post. Your blog is beautiful, by the way. I’m sending a link to my sister, who loves blackwork in all its forms! 🙂

  3. Thank you! I am working on a blackwork sampler for my blackwork lessons yahoo group. My deadline is the first half of October. I do need to share it with Kim Brody Salazar (String or Nothing) who has an INCREDIBLE book on her blog–40 pages of blackwork, 220 patterns. She has given me permission to use some of her patterns in the sampler. Here is the link to the fill pdfs: http://www.string-or-nothing.com/CategoryView,category,Patterns.aspx At this time they are free!

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