30 Days… Day 3

Day 3 Painting
6 X 8 inches Acrylic and art glitter on Canvas Board.
No copyright notice on original


Tada! No stitching on this one, just acrylics and glitter on 6X8 inch canvas board…

If you’re interested in any of these paintings, email me!

I am really enjoying this process – to keep up, I have to have several in the pipeline at once. Right now I’m staring at a large canvas I started a couple weeks ago and thinking, Yeah. “That DEFINITELY needs a stitched dragonfly and/or ladybird…” That one’s going to take a while.

Have a wonderful day!

I posted my first cross stitch design I ever created for sale (years and years ago) on Etsy a couple days ago… Lucinda in the Rose Garden, if you’re looking to stitch something a bit complicated! She’s also available in a hard copy chart…



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