30 Days – Day 30

Day 30. I’m done with this “FINISH” something daily challenge. It’s been good. I may do it again sometime. But right now, I’ve learned a LOT, and I’m morphing it to PAINT daily. Because the things I want to do now, I can’t do in one sitting. And I sometimes don’t have more than one sitting a day…

Day 30 11X14 on Soho Painting Board Acrylic
Day 30
11X14 on Soho Painting Board

I rushed this yesterday, just to get done. There was another painting I wanted to be working on. It’s gonna be many many layers. This one… I found myself wanting to drip, but it’s lightweight Soho paint board… so not so much water. Worked it in anyway. During the process I lost a lot of the background colors that I really really liked… But I learned a lot, too. Shrunk down into thumbnail it looks a lot like clouds at sunset… Not so much when you click on it and it gets bigger…

SO. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with this. I may decide it’s not actually finished and revisit it as a background for something else, even just playing with techniques. I may decide it IS done. I may never want to see or acknowledge it again!

Tomorrow we’re back to stitching. The post is already done and scheduled. 🙂 I’ll be glad to focus on needles and threads again for a while…

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